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July 17, 2014

The fast and easy way to purchase your VRSP

With the new Voluntary Retirement Savings Plan (VRSP) now available for purchase in Quebec, Manulife has launched to help make it easy for employers to comply with the new provincial legislation.

The right choice for your business

The Manulife VRSP makes it easier than ever for employers to offer a plan, and it helps put a more secure retirement within reach for the thousands and thousands of employees who are currently without a workplace savings plan.

The Manulife VRSP Advantages:

The new site,, provides a simplified process for employers to follow when purchasing their VRSP. With the required documents and information on hand, the purchase will take as few as 20 minutes to complete using a simple, online application tool.

Video overviews keep it simple

Short online videos explain the application process and the business benefits gained by offering a VRSP. All the information that business owners need to make a purchase and inform their staff can be found on the easy to use and navigate website.

Quebec's VRSP legislation is intended to help workers in Quebec save for retirement by making workplace savings plans mandatory for all employers in the province with five or more eligible employees. Through a series of staggered deadlines (based upon the size of an organization’s workforce), almost all employees in the province will eventually have access to a form of retirement savings plan.